Better decisions through Open Banking intelligence

Harness the power of banking data through our artificial intelligence driven platform for Open Banking to reduce credit risk and banking fraud.


Financial Institutions

Enhance credit risk and fraud detection decisions through our artificial intelligence Open Banking platform.


Fuel your Fintech and empower your users with our Open Banking intelligence APIs.

Conversational AI

Intelligent APIs meet conversational AI.


Enabling better credit risk and fraud detection decisions

Financial institutions can now harness the power of Open Banking data to transform their credit risk and fraud detection capabilities through the use of our banking intelligence APIs.

Our platform provides solutions for a wide range of use cases including:

  • transactional data categorisation, based on our proprietary taxonomy, to aid credit risk decisioning processes and to provide the required income and expenditure assessment for debt advice services
  • real-time affordability assessments for personal loans and mortgage applications
  • anomaly and fraud detection services to reduce banking and payment fraud

Fuel your Fintech with Open Banking intelligence

Power your Fintech with our Open Banking intelligence APIs and give your users the best data to shed light on their finances and make better decisions.

Our APIs provide connectivity and account aggregation across the major UK banks and our AI engine categorises transactions on the fly to give you accurate income and expenditure analytics.

Find out more about our range of APIs or dive right in and check out our API documentation.

We have plans to suit any size of business, so please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


Intelligent APIs meet conversational AI

We combine the power of our intelligent APIs with a natural way for consumers to interact with them through our conversational AI chatbot.

Replacing expensive and inefficient consumer communication channels - e.g. telephone, branches, etc. with intelligent digital experiences is imperative for financial services and debt advice organisations looking to successfully navigate the rapidly changing environment.

This is available to businesses of any size as part of our B2B platform for both web and mobile app journeys.

Platform Features

A complete platform for Open Banking intelligence


FCA Regulated is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 816952.

ICO Registered

We are officially registered data controllers ZA494747 on the ICO’s data protection public register.

Security First

Our technology platform is built from the ground up on the principles of security, scalability and reliability and we adopt industry best practices to secure your data.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI to drive better decisions is a fundamental pillar of our platform.