About Ducit.ai

Our Mission

We believe that Open Banking changes the power balance in the banking industry and allows, for the first time, consumers and SMEs to dictate how their data should be used and by whom. Our role is to enable this shift through the development of new products and services to deliver intelligent banking for all. Our mission is simple - to deliver intelligent banking for all through the power of artificial intelligence.


Founding Team

With decades of experience across the industry, Rafa, Owen and Chas bring unique skills in turning raw data into actionable products to improve decision making processes and deliver best-in-class customer experiences.


Rafael Garcia-Navarro

Co-Founder and CEO

Data and analytics technology leader turned fintech entrepreneur. Rafa has over 20 years of experience across the financial services, banking and credit reference industries in executive technical and business leadership roles. He is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning product development and passionate about delivering the benefits of Open Banking.


Chas Coppard

Co-Founder and CTO

An entrepreneurial software architect with over 20 years of commercial experience across a diverse range of technology companies encompassing a huge range of technologies and most recently Principal Architect at Experian. Chas is an expert on scalable, high-availability architecture, microservices, cloud infrastructure and machine learning.


Owen Ball

Co-Founder and CIO

Analytics and engineering technical leader. Previously Head of Analytics Architecture & Engineering at Experian and Analytics Director at Neo@Ogilvy (Now Neo Media World). Owen is an expert across a broad range of technologies including cloud infrastructure and scalable analytics platforms and services.